April 12, 2021



PM Mitsotakis: This year’s tourist season will be much better than last year

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed hope that the tourist season in 2021 “will be much better than last year”, in an interview with the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” published on Thursday.

“Our goal is to reach at least 50 pct of the 2019 levels,” he pointed out, expressing the belief that the vaccination campaign in Greece, named operation ‘Eleftheria’, will ensure that by May all citizens over the age of 60 but also all those with underlying diseases will have been vaccinated,” he stated.

Shortly before the teleconference of the leaders of the European Union, Süddeutsche Zeitung noted that “the Greek Prime Minister seeks to facilitate travel to the EU,” while especially highlighting Mitsotakis’ initiative for the introduction of a standard EU-wide vaccination certificate for travel within the EU.

Asked how Greece would use the money from the EU Recovery Fund, the prime minister pointed out that such a possibility happened only once per generation. He also expressed his determination to transform the Greek economy with an emphasis on digitisation, increased investment and a shift to green energy, including phasing out lignite by 2028.


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