April 12, 2021



Government, health officials brief 13 regional directors on state of pandemic in Greece

Government and health officials met on Friday with local government leaders, including the 13 regional directors of Greece, for an exchange of information on developments of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece.

The meeting was held via teleconference and included Deputy Minister for Civil Protection & Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias, the Health ministry’s coronavirus committee member Sotiris Tsiodras, Interior Minister Makis Voridis and th Deputy Minister for Local Government Stelios Petsas, Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Theodoros Livanios, the president of the Central Union of Greek Cities Dimitris Papastergiou, and National Public Health Organization President Panagiotis Arkoumaneas.

Dr Tsiodras briefed attendees on the viral profile of each of the 13 regions, while they all discussed improving coordination of agencies to manage the pandemic.

It was agreed by all parties that this meeting should be held every Friday between government officials and local government leaders.

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