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Giorgos Lappas exhibition in Hania on the Greek island of Crete to August 31

“Giorgos Lappas – From Here to Eternity” is a career-spanning exhibition of works by the late Cairo-born sculptor nowadays on display at the Municipal Art Gallery of Hania. While telling their own stories, Lappas’s figures also reflect the artist’s interests and his ties with history, civilization and psychoanalysis. As the museum’s art director, Maria Maragou, […]

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Dance Days Festival in Cretan city of Chania to July 28

The eighth edition of the Dance Days Hania International Contemporary Dance Festival in Crete explores prevailing dance trends in Greece, Europe and around the world through performances and seminars. It offers a commentary on the agility of youth and meaningfulness of experience, while addressing the rapid pace of life and impact of time on thought […]

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Six reasons Greek Olive Oil is the ultimate superfood

Greek olive oil is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin K and vitamin E.  It also contains calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium. Worldwide studies have linked the consumption of olive oil with health benefits, such as a heightened immune system, anti-inflammatory properties and protection against Alzheimer’s. Specifically, Greek extra virgin olive oil, in […]

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