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“Kazantzakis”… the movie (video)

Through this film our aim is to promote the fascinating personality of Nikos Kazantzakis, as well as the enchanting scenery of Greece that molded him into the man he became. The great Cretan writer used to say that his life was defined by his travels and his dreams. This is exactly what the director is […]

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Oman Art: From Crete with love!

Sometimes events that looked dark and disastrous at the moment they happened take on a pleasant note all of a sudden and set you out on a course of events that open up new experiences to make your life more meaningful than before. You wouldn’t have had the chance to enjoy the delights you stumbled […]

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Athens Named Best Emerging Culture City of 2017

Athens was announced on Friday as the ” Best Emerging Culture City of the Year” by the Leading Culture Destinations Awards (LCDA), during a ceremony at the Trafalgar St. James Hotel in London. The award scheme, also known as the “Oscars for Museums”, celebrates the vibrancy and vitality of museums and institutions around the world, […]

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