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The Phaistos Disc reveals its secrets

The Phaistos Disc, probably dating back to the 17th century, gradually reveals its secrets. The linguist Dr. Gareth Owens, who has been living in Crete for the past 30 years (25 working in the Technical University of Crete and the last 10 as Erasmus + coordinator), has devoted his research to decipher the disc. In […]

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Rethymno Carnival kicks off in Crete (video)

“Be Your Best Self” is the motto of the Rethemnian Carnival 2018, whose celebrations begin on Saturday January 27 and will last until February 19, 2018. The great institution of the Rethymno Carnival is also organized this year by the large family of carnival groups, with thousands of volunteers from Rethymno, the rest of Crete, […]

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