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Greece to meet the 3.5 pct surplus target; no pension cuts needed

Greece will meet the 3.5 pct surplus target and therefore no pension cuts will be needed, European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis said on Thursday addressing the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. Regarding the return of profits from Greek bonds, he said: “We are open to it. There must be a dialogue […]

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Impasse between Athens and Brussels over Crete power linkup

The new round of negotiations between the Greek government and the European Commission on the project to hook up Crete to the mainland’s power grid has come to a total impasse. The issue in question regards the rejection by Brussels of the project’s direct concession to a subsidiary of state-owned grid operator ADMIE. The chief […]

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Greece is the eurozone’s leader in indirect taxation

Greece has the highest indirect taxes in the eurozone and is showing no signs of reducing them in 2019. This ominous conclusion for taxpayers stems from a comparison of the 2019 draft budgets submitted to the European Commission by the 19 members of the eurozone. According to the figures, special consumption taxes and the value-added […]

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Energy investments in Greece to reach 32 billion euros by 2030

Investments in the energy sector are expected to reach 32 billion euros by 2030, excluding investments in hydrocarbon research, Mihalis Verriopoulos, secretary-general of the Environment and Energy ministry said on Tuesday, addressing an event organised by the Energy Institute of Southeastern Europe on technological developments in the sector. This figure will be included in detail […]

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