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Greece assumes Presidency of Mediterranean Diet Network for 2021

Greece recently assumed the presidency of the Network for the Mediterranean Diet from Morocco and will coordinate the actions to be carried out for the year 2021. The network brings together the national communities of seven countries – Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Cyprus, Morocco and Portugal – that supported the inscription of the Mediterranean Diet on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural […]

Greece has assumed presidency of the Mediterranean Diet network in 2021

Greece has assumed the presidency and coordination of the actions that will be carried out within the framework of the “Mediterranean Diet” network in the year 2021. Specifically, according to a relevant announcement of the Maniatakeio Foundation, the presidency will focus on strengthening the cooperation of the network, as well as the connection of the […]

Many restaurants will likely choose to shut down for good

The second wave of the coronavirus appears even more threatening than the first as far as economic sectors such as food service and retail commerce are concerned, as, unlike last spring, they now have no savings left to dip into and survive this new lockdown that has been imposed on the country to varying degrees. […]

Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables jumped 35.9 pct in July

Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables jumped 35.9 pct in July compared with the same month last year, Incofruit-Hellas said in a report released on Wednesday. More specifically, exports totaled 179,435 tons in July, from 145,890 in July 2019, with the value rising to 120,497,042 euros from 88,660,342 euros, over the same periods, respectively. In […]

Bar, restaurant turnover drops 25 pct due to midnight closure

The food service and bar industry has seen a 25 percent drop in turnover due to the midnight closing time of all establishments introduced to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. According to industry representatives, the measure puts even more pressure on businesses at a difficult time while also leading to job cuts. Specifically, there are […]