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Survey: Bread prices in Greece second lowest in eurozone

Bread prices in Greece are the second lowest in the Eurozone, according to the findings of a survey commissioned by a national federation of bakeries in the country and the chamber representing SME manufacturers. Based on a sample of 603 consumers between Oct. 21 and 24, 2019 around the country, two-thirds of which were queried […]

Athens to Host ‘World of Coffee 2021’ Event

Athens will be hosting the World of Coffee 2021 event, the largest annual specialty coffee trade show in Europe, the Specialty Coffee Association announced recently. The event, which has seen visitor and exhibitor numbers more than triple over the past six years, will run in the framework of the Athens Metropolitan Expo on 24-26 June 2021. The Athens event will […]

Airbnb Travelers Pour $25bn into Food & Drink Last Year

Food and drink make up a significant part of the travel experience as demonstrated by the 25 billion dollars spent in 2018 at restaurants and cafes worldwide by travelers, according to a survey released by short-term home rentals company Airbnb. Based on 2018 spending levels and Airbnb internal data for the January-October 2019 and October-December 2018 periods, Airbnb’s guest community is […]