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Why the local Taverna is the best place to eat at in Greece

In most countries when heading out to eat, you tend to think of finding a good restaurant for an enjoyable meal, but not in Greece, according to the following report by Here, the most common place to eat at is the local taverna, which is a more casual place that serves delicious and traditional […]

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Greek gastronomy day ‘Domenica Greca’ a great success in Italy

More than 30 Greek restaurants participated in Italy’s ‘Domenica Greca’ or “Greek Sunday” – a day dedicated to Greek cuisine that was organised by the Greek embassy in Rome and shown on the Italian state television channel RAI. The restaurants offered special discounts to their customers, encouraging them to become acquainted with the wealth and […]

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VineSOS project spearheads drive to rescue traditional grape varietes

The potential and the opportunity for Greek and Bulgarian wine producers and cultivators to offer the global market wines with a unique taste and aroma, made from traditional and now threatened varietes of grapes, is the focus of the VineSOS project operating in the Greek-Bulgarian border region. Professor Stamatis Angelopoulos at the Alexander Technological Educational […]

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Why a Greek diet is considered Best in the World

The Mediterranean diet is based primarily on the eating habits of southern European countries, however it is mainly derived from healthy eating habits and traditions of Greek people and produce, with an emphasis on greens, olive oil, fish, poultry, beans, and grains. Not only is the Greek diet a great way to eat, drink and […]

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AEGEAN, Greek Chefs Travel Greece’s Gastronomy Around the World

Greek carrier AEGEAN has announced its collaboration with three renowned chefs, who will take Greek gastronomy on a journey across the globe through the new “Gastronomics” initiative. “Gastronomics” is part of AEGEAN’s efforts to promote Greece’s tradition, natural beauty and culture, and features traditional recipes and unique wines in the Business Class menu, which is created by chefs Lefteris Lazarou, Christoforos Peskias […]

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