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The language of Greek politics

by Yannis Xamonakis – Apokoronas News In the past few years the Greek crisis has, with predictable regularity, dominated European headlines and there is hardly anyone left, who in the last few years has not heard or talked about the situation in Greece. The crisis brought with it its own vocabulary; so apart from Grexit, […]

“Bittersweet Symphony” (Memories of the past)

by Elis. Pramateftakis – Teacher Traveling back through time makes you recall thousands of memories and offers knowledge about the past which is without doubt always exciting and enlightening. It helps you find out more about your great ancestors and appreciate life more and what you now possess. This is exactly how I felt when […]

Four days at the Beginning of May

by David Capon Dawn arrived on May 1st and the day was bright and sunny and visibility was excellent – a perfect Bank Holiday day. For once I was able to join a trip organised by a local σύλλογος (cultural / community society), as usually these trips take place on a Sunday. So it was […]

Give a speech? No way!

by Niall Finn – “There are two kinds of speakers,” wrote the great American novelist and humorist Mark Twain, “those that are nervous and those that are liars.” A gifted and well-prepared lecturer who spoke at meetings around the world, Mark Twain knew all about nerves. For those with no experience, even the thought […]