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How to stay away from unlicensed “insurers” and avoid insurance fraud

by Stavros Tsihlis – Insurance & Investment Advisor Insurance fraud has risen in recent years, either by people pretending to be advisors or agents without a proper license. The authorities even recorded a case of a nonexistent insurance company! According to experts, partly due to the economic situation, there is an increase in all kinds […]

Chania Airport: Ready to welcome you this summer!

We have received a lot of comments about a previous article in, entitled “Chania Airport: One Step Before Closing?” (see here). Let’s clear it out. Chania Airport “Daskalogiannis” will not close for any reason! Despite financial problems and the lack of many basic things to cover its everyday needs (such as fuel for service […]

How to check if your vehicle has insurance cover

by Stavros Tsihlis – Insurance Investment Advisor Imagine having paid your insurance premium, being stopped by the authorities for a routine check and finding out that your vehicle has no insurance cover! It certainly sounds like a scary scenario, even worse if you are involved in an accident! This is exactly what happened to a […]

Should Greece Pay Back Its Debt?

by Katerina Polizou – Nea TV Journalist On 4 April the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoe Konstantopoulou, set up the Debt Truth Committee – a special committee of the Parliament to investigate the truth about the increase in Greece’s public debt. Eric Toussaint of the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt is […]

One of the Unexpected Pleasures of Spring

by Giannis Xamonakis – Chief Editor The other day I was feeling perplexed yet again by one of the numerous irrational  regulations and procedures designed to make life difficult for those wanting  to live in this country, when it occurred to me that ‘the system’ is probably part of the grand design of the […]