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Herd of Sheep Killed by Lightning Strike in Crete

About 20 sheep were taking cover from the downpour in Omalos, Crete on Saturday, when they were killed by a lightning strike. According to the Meteo Weather Service of the National Observatory of Athens, more than 5,700 lightning strikes were recorded in Crete and the Aegean on Saturday. A low-pressure weather front bringing heavy downpours has […]

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Glasgow-based Minoan raises £500,000 for Crete resort plan

The listed Glasgow-based leisure group said it will be used to “provide general working capital to support the development of the group, in particular its resort project in Crete, and to settle certain existing liabilities”. The amount raised includes £100,000 from directors. The firm said in its report to the London Stock Exchange that it […]

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Crete has a total of 32,535 non-Europen Union foreign residents

The foreign residents of Crete who come from countries outside the EU total 32,535, the regional directorate of foreigners and migration said on Friday, according to ANA. Of these, 12,418 (or 38% of the total) live in Iraklio, the island’s main city; 9,652 (30%) in Chania; 6,225 (19%) in Rethymno; and 4,240 (13%) in Lassithi. […]

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Their ideas had no place here’: how Crete kicked out Golden Dawn

Teachers and activists in Heraklion explain how they drove the ultra-nationalist, far-right Greek party from the island Washing hangs from the balconies of an unassuming apartment block on Irodotou street in Heraklion, the capital of Crete. Outside, children ride bikes and old men play cards in a coffee shop. But before May this year, this […]

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