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Greek researchers say close to launching own, cheaper Covid-19 test

Researchers in Greece say they are close to launching a molecular test to detect Covid-19 which could provide a cheaper alternative to imported kits and uninterrupted access to supplies. Greece currently uses diagnostic kits imported from a variety of suppliers abroad. The potential new test would use nasal swab samples, two researchers said, and could […]

Health Min Kikilias: What interests us most is public health

We can’t keep the citizens forever at home nor confine tourists to their hotel rooms, stated Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias on Thursday, speaking to Star TV. “Obviously, what interests us most is public health and, on these terms, I can frankly state that this partial relaxation troubles me. On the other hand, we will address […]

Health Min Kikilias: I call on the tourists to follow the rules

“We are here to inspect one by one the hospitals and the health structures” said on Saturday Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias after the conclusion of his visit to Crete, one of the most important Greek tourist destinations. “We have hired 500 doctors and medical staff to support Crete, we are checking our airports, we are […]

Health Min Kikilias calls on tourists to observe protection measures

Health Μinister Vassilis Kikilias is visiting Crete in order to inspect the health units and their readiness, on the occassion of the opening of tourism. According to the head of the health authorities of Crete, Lena Borboudaki, the island can cover 155 mild and moderate cases in its hospital structures, while if deemed necessary, they […]

Stavros Niarchos Foundation donates 15 million euros to Greek hospitals

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation has donated 15 million euros to as many public hospitals in different parts of the country to help them acquire 174 new intensive care beds, it was announced on Wednesday. “We must remain vigilant and be prepared for any eventuality and we hope that these donations will help the public health […]