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Mediterranean hurricane Ianos moving to the mainland of Greece

The Mediterranean hurricane (Medicane) “Ianos”, currently active in Greece, is moving from the western shores of Greece towards the south, central and eastern parts of mainland Greece, which are experiencing heavy rainfall as of Friday afternoon. According to the National Observatory of Athens and its Meteo service, extended hours of heavy rainfall are expected in […]

Ionian Ιslands on high alert for Medicane Ianos landfall

The Ionian islands’ regional Civil Protection Secretariat issued a warning on Thursday urging the restriction of people’s movement at the island of Zakynthos from Thursday evening until late night Friday, in view of Medicane “Ianos” approaching the region.   Kefalonia, Ithaca and Zakynthos are expected to be stricken by Medicane Ianos late on Thursday, with weather […]

Weather front Ianos to bring first autumn storms

The weather front “Ianos”, the first bad weather of the autumn of 2020, will affect Greece in its entirety from Thursday due to an atmospheric disturbance in the area of the central Mediterranean that is expected to gradually gain strength, according to a forecast from the National Observatory of Athens’ meteo weather service on Wednesday, […]

High number of Caretta caretta turtle nests observed in 2020 in Greece

An unexpectedly high number of Caretta Caretta sea turtle nests have been recorded in Greece and in the Mediterranean this year, according to official data issued by Archelon, which noted that this justifies the appellation of 2020  as “Year of the Sea Turtle”. Specifically, Archelon volunteers counted 6,500 Caretta caretta nests on the 75 km-long […]

Very high temperatures to continue until Friday

The unseasonally high temperatures will continue in Greece this week, with the highest temperature already well above the normal levels for this time of the year, the meteo service of Athens National Observatory said on Tuesday. In Athens, the temperature on Tuesday will be up to eight degrees higher than normal levels (climatic values) and […]