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This summer expected to be hotter and wetter than average, scientist tells AMNA

The recent spate of unsettled weather in Greece is the result of atmospheric instability that is normal at the start of summer and the autumn, while there is no evidence that conclusively points to climate change as the cause, Patras University professor of atmospheric physics Athanasios Argyriou claimed in statements to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency […]

Strong summer storms forecast in Greece until Thursday

Current conditions, with relatively cool temperatures in the upper atmosphere combined with high temperatures and humidity on the ground, are liable to generate strong summer storms in the days up to Thursday, the Athens National Observatory’s weather service forecast on Monday. The phenomena, which are expected to be most intense during the hottest hours […]

Change of weather with rainstorms, strong winds and muddy rain on Saturday

Α deep low pressure front that formed over southern Italy on Friday is expected to quickly move towards Greece and bring a change in weather in the country, especially on Saturday, the meteo weather service of the Athens National Observatory said. On Friday afternoon, southerly winds will gradually get stronger in the Ionian Sea and […]

Greece ranks 25th in Environmental Performance Index

Greece ranks 25th in the global Environmental Performance Index (2020), falling from the 22nd position in 2018. The index, released on Friday on the occasion of World Environment Day, is compiled every two years by scientists at the American universities Yale and Columbia and ranks 180 countries based on 32 environmental criteria, such as pollution, […]

National Observatory sets up consultation service on climate change phenomena

The National Observatory of Athens will provide consultation to the state and citizens on climate change issues and its repercussions, through “Climpact”, a national network for climate change. Deputy Development & Investments Minister Christos Dimas paid a visit to the observatory to attend the filming of a video explaining the program. The network, based at […]