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Genetic quirk in people from isolated Cretan villages is found to protect them against deadly heart disease

People living in isolated Cretan mountains villages live long and healthy lives thanks to a unique gene that protects them against heart disease, scientists have discovered. Researchers studied the villagers in an area of northern Crete because they had low cases of heart disease despite eating lots of animal fats. The study, for the first time […]

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A Cretan scientist in the fight against Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease

Professor Nicholas D. Mazarakis holds the Lucas-Lee chair of Molecular BioMedicine and is head of Gene Therapy in Brain Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London. He is a molecular neuroscientist with an international reputation in gene therapy of neurological diseases. Nicholas Mazarakis is from Crete. His research focuses on investigating molecular pathways of neurodegeneration and […]


Bid to curb under-the-table payments at state hospitals

The government is examining new ways to crack down on the enduring phenomenon of under-the-table payments, or “fakelakia,” for treatment at public hospitals, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos has told Kathimerini. Authorities are considering two new interventions, Xanthos said, firstly preventing doctors found to have accepted bribes from returning to work and secondly making more effective […]