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Niki Niolaki: What we are doing for the stray animals of Apokoronas

The Municipality of Apokoronas obeys faithfully the legislative ordinances of stray animals’ well-being and protection, as piece of our culture’s evidence. After my assumption of duties regarding the handling of stray animals, in partnership with the Mayor Mr. Har. Koukianakis , we set in motion the below actions: • There will be an independent office […]

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Bill on strays withdrawn following protests

A bill that had proposed changes to the treatment of pets and stray animals has been withdrawn from public discussion following vehement criticism by animal rights groups over its provisions. Agricultural Development Minister Vangelis Apostolou said Tuesday the legislation would be reviewed and reopened to debate once the contentious provisions have been revised. The Ecologist […]

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Bill on pets and strays to make neutering obligatory

A draft bill obliging owners to neuter their pets will be posted for public consultation over the next two months, Agriculture Minister Vangelis Apostolou said on Thursday. “Our aim is to establish a single and up-to-date legislation. Our archive includes proposals by bodies and we also have an important experience from the dialog that preceded. […]

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Animal cruelty awareness still has way to go in Greece

Though Greece has made significant strides in treating animal abuse as the punishable crime that it is, activists and advocates say the system is still largely dysfunctional and allows many perpetrators to get away with it. “There have been cases where animals died because a prosecutor could not understand the urgency of issuing a seizure […]

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