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Stray animals – Corporate interests 10-0!!!

Charges pressed by the Panhellenic Veterinary Association (P.V.S) regarding the free sterilization programme conducted by volunteer European vets in October 2017 were filed away by the District Attorney’s Office of Chania as legally groundless while on February 23,24,26 2018,the Municipality of Chania successfully completed the free sterilization programme of stray animals, despite the incessant,imaginative,and ultimately […]

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First custodial sentence for animal abuse in Chania

Last Wednesday, 31/1, a Chania court handed a custodial 2 year sentence and a 5000 euro fine for animal abuse and neglect to a local woman for a serious case of abuse of three dogs in her care. One of the dogs later died while the other two were removed and have now recovered and […]

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What is going on with the sterilization of stray animals in Chania?

During the last few months a carefully planned effort has been undertaken in Chania by a small group of local vets, the Μunicipal vet, certain Μunicipal authorities and the State Veterinary Service of Chania to foil the free program of sterilizing stray animals. Their arguments are untenable, unrealistic, untruthful and selfish.The program is materialized legally […]

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