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“Koudounas” is still waiting!

He was found miserable 2.5 months ago on the highway. He had a cow bell strapped to his neck which had caused burns. He also had erlicheiosis and a very low blood count. Our treatment is finished and he is a very healthy and happy dog. But he is six years old and so far […]

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A dog was shot to death in Almiros river

Calliope Maravelakis, lawyer and member of the association “Friends of Animal Action“, found a dead dog on Sunday morning in Almiros river, Heraklion. Somebody shot the dog at least four months ago and left it there, hidden among the trees. Mrs Maravelakis suspects a man who kills all animals in the area, but there are […]

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Press conference about barrel dogs

“Today’s report is addressed at the Minister of Tourism, Ms Kefalogianni, the Minister of Public Order and Citizen’s Protection Mr. Kikilia, the Minister of Culture Mr. Tasoulas, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Justice Mr. Athanasiou, the General Regional Police Director of Crete Mr. Karamalakis, the District Attorneys, the Regional and Municipal Authorities of […]

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