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30,000 Euro Fine to Dog Killer Restaurant Owner

Even though the Animal Welfare movement’s win against the man who fatally wounded a small dog in Nea Styra, Euboea, cannot bring the dog back, it was a great feat. Regional authorities in central Greece ratified the administrative 30,000-euro fine to a restaurant owner from Nea Styra, while a criminal investigation on the case is […]

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Kikilias: Two years in prison and…

Imprisonment of at least two years and fines for those severely abusing animals, asked Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection Mr. Vasilis Kikilias in his letter addressed to the Minister of Justice Transparency and Human Rights Mr. Charalambos Athanassiou, asking him to take a legislative initiative to tighten the penalties for both the abuse […]

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Three puppies looking for home

Chouzouris (male), Skoupa (female) and Hercules (male) were found in a trash bin in Galatas, Chania without having opened their eyes. We cared for them and now they are ready to conquer!!! Chouzouris is a little … heavy type, Skoupa licks all the dishes and her mind is only on mischief, and the serious Hercules, […]

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