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MIT prof Daskalakis: Know your algorithms, shape the future

Greeks must become technologically literate and become familiar with algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to help shape the coming future, Constantinos Daskalakis, MIT Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, said at Microsoft Summit conference in Athens on Tuesday. At the Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Daskalakis, who became internationally known for proving […]

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Fraport Greece reaches deal with Cosmote for telecoms, wi-fi services

Fraport Greece will install telecommunication systems by Cosmote at the 14 regional airports it manages, the OTE Group said on Thursday. Services for Fraport’s airports include private cloud services, high-speed wi-fi connections for both staff and travelers and a private radio network, developed with Motorola, so the airports may communicate with each other in emergencies, […]

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Greek scientists shed light on how stars are formed!

Greek scientists from the University of Crete and the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) made an important step forward in understanding the process of how stars are born. For the first time internationally, Greek researchers managed to three-dimensionally “map” an interstellar molecular cloud of gases and dust, a region where new stars are born, […]

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“Energy Observer” in the Venetian Harbor of Chania

Energy Observer is a hydrogen vessel launched in April 2017. Developed in collaboration with engineers from the CEA-LITEN (fr) the boat will test and prove the efficiency of a full production chain that relies on the coupling of different renewable energies. Energy Observer will be the “first hydrogen vessel around the world”. Following its launch, scheduled […]

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Crete experimental PV electricity project secures EU funds

Australian firm Greatcell Solar Ltd  has received a EUR-500,000 Horizon 2020 grant for an experimental  solar project in Crete, involving the use of perovskite cells. A perovskite solar cell uses a calcium titanium oxide mineral compound (perovskite) which is  cheap to produce and simple to manufacture. The company’s unit in Rome, Greatcell Solar Italy, secured the funds for […]

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