May 9, 2021



Chinese journalist ‘ginxes ‘ World Cup teams

Every time she wears a blouse of the national missions … they lose.

The young Giouxi Liu said that she does not bring good luck to the missions of the countries playing in the World Cup, as every time she  appears on her show wearing the shirt of the team that plays, the country gets a  taste of defeat …

She may  be extremely popular in her country, however, the Chinese hostess Liu Giouxi, is now one of the most hated persons among the fans of the teams that participated in the World Cup.

Liu Giouxi  is covering the World Cup in Beijing public channel Cctv and she is known as “the most beautiful sports presenter”. While wearing the shirt of Italy’s National team as well as Spains respectively , the teams lost solemnly.

As if this wasn’t enough, a year ago when she presented NBA’s  playoff,every time she wore the jersey of the team that she preferred they lost.

In an effort to get rid of the “stigma”, the young presenter decided that from now on she will only wear white t-shirts, however, the viewers and the users of social media have openly accuse her of causring the teams lose on purpose.