May 9, 2021



Still no sign of missing Arthur Jones

Twenty days after the disappearance of Arthur Jones and still there is no progress in search of finding him.

As his son wrote in Facebook…

Thank u everyone for all the continued support. the tremendous acts of kindness, the time people are dedicating to make others aware and all the campaigning to make sure my dad’s disappearance remains in the public eye is paying off.

Without everybody’s help we wouldnt have North Wales police here and without North Wales police here we wouldnt be having a search taking place in the next few days by the greek authorities (assisted by nwp) in an area they have they not covered.

Its still quite a vast area and will take a number of days to cover but it is a specific area and is something we (over here) have been pushing for.

Thankfully with the nwp expertise the greek authorities have stood up and listened.

We’re not giving up and remain positive its a good sign the authorities are doing the same.

Thank u everyone


The North Wales Police were going to leave Crete, however they have now decided to stay and support the Greek police in a thorough search of the wasteland directly behind the Pardalakis Hotel where Arthur Jones was staying which is covered in 25foot bamboo canes and grasses.

This is great news and we are thankful for their continued support to help.