April 12, 2021



University of Salerno honours the Cretan Prof. Nikos Mastorakis

The salernitan School of Medicine was the first and most important medical institution in Europe in the Middle Ages. It could be considered, and many do it, as the forerunner of the modern universities.

It was founded in medieval times and nobody knows a sure date of birth. The tradition , however, links the birth of the school to a legendary event, that I briefly would like to recall for you.

A greek pilgrim, I repeat.. a greek man like our prof. Mastorakis, named Pontus, stopped in the city and found shelter for the night under the arches of an aqueduct: l’acquedotto dell’Arce, an impressive construction visible also in our days downtown in the city.

Soon, weather burst into a downpour, a storm blew out and so another hiker took shelter in the same place , it was the Latin Salernus. He was wounded and he was curing his wounds by himself. So the greek man had the opportunity to see how Salernus were curing his wounds. Shortly after, two other hikers arrived , a jew and an arab. They showed interest in the wound’s medications and were fascinated to listen about the different medical cultures each of them were carrying out. In the end it was discovered that all they four were medical people. They decided to create an association and to give life to a school where their knowledge could be collected and spread.

The sequel of this story every body knows: Their school was the most important medical institution of those times and lasted almost nine centuries.

But I have a different hypothetical sequel… obviously only for us.

Please note they were under the magnificent bridges that constitute the aqueduct dell’Arce, still visible in the city. If they were been engineers, instead of physicians, surely they would have raised their sight towards the acqueduct and would decided to found the first engineering School of Salerno, instead of medicine,s. Perhaps is not too late for us to emulate them. We can help the efforts of our present Rector Aurelio Tommasetti to continue the outstanding work of prof. Raimondo Pasquino, past dean of the engineering Faculty and Rector of the University for fifteen years and, also, helped by the work of our greek, prof. Mastorakis, we can make the engineering Faculty in Salerno, more and more great, the best of Italy.

Prof. Joseph M. Quartieri
University of Salerno
Industrial Engineering Department
Applied Physics Group

Presents this Certificate of Appreciation

Prof. Nikos E. Mastorakis
in Acknowledgement for 18 Years of Outstanding and Dedicated Service to the International Scientific Academy and to the Spreading of Knowledge All Around the Word.

This certificate is presented on the 3rd day of June 2014, in Salerno, Italy
Prof. Joseph Quartieri

Full Professor of Applied Physics