April 12, 2021



Australian crocodile expert: The reptile in Crete should be removed

How would you like to escape the winter weather? Head of to a beautiful Greek Island perhaps? If that sounds good to you, you’re not alone.

It seems a certain reptile familiar to us Aussies had the same idea. A 6-foot crocodile has been spotted in a lake on the resort island of Crete In Greece.

Authorities have fenced off parts of the lake while plans are made to remove it.

Herpetologists have warned of dangerous times ahead if the solo crocodile or pair cannot live in their natural environment. Emergency services, including police patrols, have been stepped up.

John Lever from Koorana Crocodile Farm in Australia says that the crocodile should be removed from Crete.

He says that it does not belong there and it may do harm by spreading diseases alien to the island’s environment

Speaking to ABC Australia, Lever stressed that crocodiles cannot live below 24 degrees. “The ideal condition for a croc is a temperature between 25-35 degrees and rain every three days”.

He says that locals should not be afraid of the animal. A two-meter croc maybe will eat ducks or small lambs but not any bigger pray.

“In our farm the biggest food we offer to a 2-meter croc is half a hens body”, he says.

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