An Austrian herpetologist came to Crete for “Sifis”

The crocodile of Crete has already gained friends from all over the world, as every day it’s in international media and has captured the attention of specialists around the world.

Authorities of the area have come in contact with the famous Olivier Behra, another experienced herpetologist from Austria is now in Crete.

He’s Erwin Moser, who according to information of arrived on Saturday and is expected to stay for at least a week.

Moser is known, however, for his love of the island, as he often visits while working with environmental park of Rethymnon.

He said the traps are placed in the right places, as he mentioned to cretapost: “The traps are found in warmer parts of the lake and are always preferred by a crocodile”.

He’s also collaborating with the Director of Transportation Management and Hydraulic Engineering of Crete, Mamangakis, the herpetologist of the Museum of Natural History, Petros Lyberakis, and other representatives.

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