June 17, 2021



“Five years after the crisis in Greece, nothing has changed”

The German financial magazine «Wirtschaftswoche» writes “Nothing new from Greece” referring to the changes that have occurred in the country, five years after the crisis stared.

An envoy of the magazine visited Greece for the first time since 2009 in order to answer the questions:” In what state is the country? Has anything changed? Is the crisis visible everywhere? ‘. He stated that :”A visit to the country of the crisis shows that people are, as always, welcoming and the roads are in better shape, thanks to the money of the European Union. An output however from the crisis is not visible “.

The reporter also stated that at a first sight a few things seem to have changed … the major highways are empty, while many homes in Peloponniso are abandoned or unfinished, demonstrating that the crisis has affected the construction industry. He also notes that the crisis seems to have hit more Athens and Thessaloniki, than the province.

“Has the behavior now changed? Is there more tax honesty?Are the rules Complied now? “Asks the reporter in order to answer that himself based on his own experience,” Not much have been done “.

However he supports that tourism is going very well and argues that this has to do with the excellent hospitality.