May 9, 2021



Greece is the ultimate tourist destination

The American journalist, television producer and writer John Huggins stated at the presentation of the his new travel book «Chasing Wild Ass», at the Greek Press and Communication Office in New York that he suggests Greece for “a celebration of happiness” while urging his countrymen to visit Athens, Rhodes, Kos, Symi and Epirus , where he had the opportunity to live “unforgettable moments” in these “magical places”.

Mr. Huggins said to the Athenian Agency that he had visited Greece about two years ago in order to prepare a documentary and along with his associates had a “unique experience in amazing places.”

Meanwhile, the impressions of our country, as well as photographs and local recipes are including in his book, along with his travels in more than sixty “selected countries”.

He noted that “Greece is an amazing destination,” while added that “exciting alternations of landscapes, history, culture, diverse culinary tastes and hospitality of the people make it a unique destination for a visitor.”

Mr. Huggins which is the presenter and producer of the TV show «Globe Trotter», expressed his desire to return to Greece and visit other areas and he also thanked the Minister for Tourism, Ms Olga Kefalogianni.

A statement of Ms. Kefalogianni is also projected In the documentary which will be screened by a television channel cable company in the U.S. which among others stated that “Greece is establishing its self as a global tourist destination”.

Also the documentary displays tours in tourist facilities, archaeological sites and museums, as well as statements of citizens, businesses and tourist industry representatives.

Finally, the piece about Athens includes images from the marathon and the finish of the athletes at Kalimarmaro as well as a tour of the new Acropolis Museum .