June 17, 2021



Russians choose only Greece for vacations!

According to a statement of the secretary of Press of the Russian Tourism Industry Union, Irina Turina, the decrease is due primarily to the appreciation of the euro, the general political situation and the sanctions of the West against Russia. “The number of Russian tourists in Europe decreased significantly.

By our assumptions, we are talking about a reduction in some countries that reaches 40 or 50%. The single exception is Greece, where reservations are still high” she said.

Confusion with penalties

Although the sanctions imposed on Russia by the West because of the Ukrainian crisis aren’t related to tourists, as mentioned by Turina, they’ve created confusion with Russian citizens worrying about whether they can obtain a visa to travel to a European destination. “We ask daily from embassies to consulate and inform citizens that the sanctions don’t affect ordinary citizens, let alone tourists ” she said confirming that so far the travel agents don’t face any problem.

“This is a very difficult season for the travel industry across the globe. Things are worse than the 2008 crisis. We must emphasize that there is a sharp decline in international consumer activity in all sectors, not only in tourism” she concluded.