June 17, 2021



Generous Donation to ‘The Smile of the Child’

The Smile of the Child foundation has received a large bequest from the deceased owner of Titania Hotel, Kostantinos Malamos. The deceased was aware of the financial difficulties the foundation was facing and decided to help by including it in his will.

Kostantinos Malamos, who died two months ago, had no children despite his desire to create a family. His brief marriage in the 1980s to Deppy Handri yielded no children.

Malamos has left to the foundation his majority portfolio in Titania Hotel, on Panepistimiou Street, central Athens, with the specific provision that the foundation will use proceeds of the hotel for the needs of the children.

The deceased also left to his nieces on his sister’s side a large part of his fortune, including a land property on the Greek island of Mykonos.

The Smile of the Child is a non-profit voluntary organisation. Its main objective is to help ill children and children in need all over Greece.