“Sifis” is coming from Nile and he is well-fed

An official announcement was issued by the Development Agency of Crete, of what happened in the last few days in Potamon Dam and the efforts of herpetologist Olivier Behra to capture” “Sifis” the crocodile.

As Head Forester of Rethymnon, Mrs. Hara Kargiolaki, mentions in the announcement, someone sabotaged” everything in the second night, using powerful projectors, megaphone with alarm and a machine with mimics sounds of birds !!

The conclusions of this effort are:

  • A In Potamon Dam there is a crocodile identified as crocodile of (Crocodylus niloticus).
  • The genus of the animal can not be identified before his arrest.
  • It’s approximately 1.70 m long, aged 4 to 7 years old.
  • The animal has spent much of his life in captivity.
  • The food ns the dam (ducks, moorhens, etc.) is enough thus considered the crocodile is well-fed.
  • The method and installation location of traps was correct, but, due to the abundance of food, the animal was not captured, despite the fact that it approached the traps many times.
  • Recommendations have been made to optimize the traps from now on (type, bait, location, etc.).
  • The existence of a second animal could not be detected right now.
  • In the following days, Olivier Behra will send a reference guide with his findings and recommendations for further action.
  • Prohibitions on approach of Potamon Dam Lake remain valid.