June 17, 2021



Family of missing Steven Cook urge holidaymakers to help search for him

The family of a Liverpool student who vanished on holiday is appealing for help from Merseysiders visiting Greece.

Today marks nine years since Steve Cook disappeared while holidaying with school friends in the Greek resort of Malia, Crete.

His brother Chris believes the Liverpool University student is still alive, spurred on by several possible sightings of him.

He told the Sunday ECHO: “The main drive now is through help from the general public. They help us have eyes and ears in every nook and cranny of the island.

“Last year we had a potential sighting on a nearby island. A family had been on holiday there and there was a beggar selling trinkets. The mother and daughter recognised him at the missing person board at the airport.”

Steve, originally from Sandbach, Cheshire, vanished within hours of heading out for his first evening in the holiday town.

The Liverpool FC fan, who watched the Reds at home and abroad, was last seen in a bar asking for directions to his hotel, but walked off in the wrong direction.

The family of Steve, who would now be 29, have made multiple visits to the Greek island to search for him but with his parents Norman and Pat now in their 70s and Chris’ wife pregnant, they are now hoping the public can help them.

Chris said: “We’ve made contact with quite a lot of people out there through our Facebook page, Find Steven Cook.

“People get in touch if they have sightings. They also provide offers of help if they’re going out there.Until a body is found the information we get from the public gives us hope.

“We’ve appealed for help from politicians but they were next to useless and just sent us round in circles.”

There are several theories about what has happened to Steve, with Chris believing his drink may have been spiked.

He said: “He was an amazing person and he was an amazing uncle before he went missing. He has nieces and nephews who haven’t seen him.

“Sometimes it would be easy to say we’ve done all we can and stop and focus on our own lives but we can’t. I’ve got a gut feeling that he’s out there.”

Two years ago Cheshire Police released age-progression images of how Steve might look

Supporters of the Find Steven Cook campaign still regularly distribute posters of him in Malia.

Chris said: “If anyone is going out to Greece or knows anybody out there just keep Steven’s page book-marked and if you’re not aware of the campaign look it up and read about him.

“If you see anything get in touch.“