VIDEO-Scientists find the perfect cheese mix for pizza

Αn international team of scientists have found the perfect combination of cheeses for pizza, after looking at each cheese type’s elasticity, free oil, moisture, water activity and baking temperature, Huffington Post reported.

Dr Bryony James and her colleagues analysed the properties of seven different types of cheeses - mozzarella, cheddar, colby, edam, emmental, gruyere, and provolone - and how they affect these cheeses while baking.

What did they find?

Since cheddar, colby, and edam cheeses have “small elasticity,” they didn’t easily form blisters when baking. As for gruyere, emmental and provolone, their large amount of free oil prevented moisture from easily evaporating and so resulted in less browning. Meanwhile, mozzarella easily blisters.

“Pizza browning and blistering sounds like a totally trivial question, but it’s actually dictated by a combination of composition and mechanical properties of the cheese itself,” study co-author James says.

The researchers concluded that mozzarella can be combined with any of the other six cheeses to create just the right amount of browning and blistering you prefer on a gourmet pizza - for instance, cheddar for less blisters or provolone for less browning.

Video source: YouTube user IFTlive

Huffington Post

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