January 10, 2021



Kargakos for Amphipolis: “It’s the tomb of Alexander the Great”

Excavations at Amphipolis and the maintenance of the site are in progress, while the whole world anxiously waits for archaeologists to give the final answer regarding to whom this tomb belongs.

There are many theories and scenarios about the ownership of the tomb, but the historian and author Sarantos Kargakos talking on private TV channel Alpha argued that he believed that the tomb belongs to Alexander the Great.

“The monument shows that this tomb belongs to a prominent person. Who was more prominent than Alexander?” he said .

“Olympiada would not have left the dead body of her son. I keep on believing that my hunch is true,” he added explaining that: “The fact that she did not go to Babylon, where the dead body of Alexander was kept for two years, neither did she attend its transfer from Alexandria to Babylon makes me think that the woman who prevailed in Macedonia until 316 might have transferred somehow and secretly the dead body of her son in Macedonia”.