One in two Greeks suffers of a chronic health problem

Due to crisis, in the last couple of years a massive 38,7% of the Greek population has turned to private insurance.

On the occasion of the 13th convention of “Health World” organized by the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce, some of the findings and conclusions of the nationwide survey  were presented, which was drafted by the professor of National School of Public Health Mr. Yiannis Kyriakopoulos.

According to the survey, 79,9% of Greeks evaluate their health as “very good” and “good”. The same amount of people, in the same survey back in 2012 reached the 76%.

Almost 1 in two Greeks suffers of a chronic health problem(50,2%, while again in 2012 the percentage was 47,9). The majority of those suffering of chronic health issues, declares that hasn’t experienced any difficulties due to their health problem in the last six months(76,7%), while a percentage of 7% is on the other end and declared quite the opposite, that they have make great changes due to their health problems even in their daily life.

Further, 93,7 % of those suffering of a chronic health problem has health insurance. According to the remaining 5,9% that hasn’t, the reason is mainly unemployment.

It is worth mentioning that a very high 38,7% has private insurance.

However, in 2012 the percentage of the Greeks that had full or partial private coverage was just 23,8%.

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