“Koudounas” is still waiting!

He was found miserable 2.5 months ago on the highway. He had a cow bell strapped to his neck which had caused burns. He also had erlicheiosis and a very low blood count. Our treatment is finished and he is a very healthy and happy dog.

But he is six years old and so far no one is interested to adopt him. Without any exaggeration, he is the animal that everyone would like to have for a partner.

Very obedient, not mischievous, kind, loving and very considerate. He doesn’t jump onto the sofa, he gets on very with people, dogs and cats, barking only when there is a very serious reason.

When I stroke him he looks at me in the eyes full of gratitude. He is by far the best stray I eveyr hosted, not having to teach him anything and if I did not have so many animals, no way would I ever part with him. Let’s give him a chance, he deserves it !!!!

He is about 20 kilos. He will be neutered and with an adoption contract. Tel. +30 6945-593988