June 17, 2021



Adidas Finale Berlin 2015 Champions League Ball Unveiled

adidas_finale_berlinThe new Adidas Finale Berlin Champions League Official Match Ball is inspired by the German capital Berlin, which will host the 2014-2015 UEFA Champions League Final.

The new unique 2015 Adidas UEFA Champions Ball will be used for the 2014-15 UEFA Champions League Knockout phase from mid-February 2015.

Adidas introduces a fresh new design for the new Finale Berlin Soccer Ball, which pays homage to the rich history of the city. The new Adidas Finale Berlin Ball shows iconic symbols of Berlin, which is famous for its cosmopolitan and colorful spectrum.

The Brandenburg Gate on the upper of the new Adidas 2014-2015 Champions League Ball symbolizes freedom and the desire to unify the city of Berlin, and is likely the best-known landmark of Germany.

Adidas also added a graphic pattern showing a ready to attack bear. The bear is a traditional symbol of Berlin and also appears in the coat of arms of Berlin.

The new Adidas 2015 UEFA Champions League Football features the iconic star-shaped panel design, which was already used for the last few Official Match Balls (OMB).

The new Adidas Finale Berlin 2015 Champions League Football will be launched in February 2015.

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