June 17, 2021



TheRichest.com: Two Cretan Beaches in The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

greek_beachThere is a reason why Greeks are known for their confidence, they come from arguably the most beautiful place in the world. Greece is known for many things: its history, culture, religion, tradition, food, churches, nightlife, architecture and much more. Greece is also well known for its geography, the stunning country has an abundance of beauty and is geographically located in an ideal spot. It is said that when God created Greece, he sprinkled the country through beautiful bodies of waters. With over six thousand islands, Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world, and for good reason.

Composed of countless beaches, it was difficult to pick only ten that would make this list. The following ten beaches, which are in no particular order, all have unique characteristics which make them stand out from the rest of Greece’s sandy slices of paradise. Renowned for their fabulous crystal waters, millions of tourists visit Greek beaches every year to enjoy the sea, sand and fresh air. Pebbled or sandy, popular or secluded, the following ten beaches exude charm, character and beauty.

This summer, whether you are traveling through Greece with a spouse, your family or your best friend, try to visit as many of these beaches as you can. One of the greatest things you can do is travel, and Greece is a must visit. With friendly people and delicious food, there is no reason not to visit Greece. Start saving up your money (because Europe is not cheap), conserve your vacation days, and take a trip of a lifetime by visiting some of the most breathtaking, stunning and incredible beaches on Earth.

8. Matala

Matala in Crete is an absolutely a stunning beach. For those who are into Greek mythology, this is the place where the legend describes Zeus swimming ashore disguised as a bull while carrying Europa on his back. Matala is a great place to visit because it has something for everyone, which has made it a popular tourist destination. Although is has become very touristic, it still has the charm and character of a quiet fishing village. What makes Matala so gorgeous is that half of the beach is covered in tamarisk trees. It also displays a beautiful formation of sandstone rock cliffs, which form their famous caves that slide into the sea at odd angles.

4. Elafonisi

The incredibly crystal-like clear water of Elafonisi Beach is what makes it so incredible, beautiful and special. Located in stunning Crete, the turquoise waters have attracted travellers for centuries. This natural beach is filled with pure white sandbars and a natural islet, which has remained virtually untouched. What is very special about this beach is that in some lights the sand takes on a pink glow, said to be from coral particles in the sand. The extremely shallow waters make Elafonisi ideal for children, however the power and beauty of this location has no age limit.