The Municipality of Apokoronas cleans and protects drinking water tanks

drinking-water-storage-tankThe cleaning and protecting of 87 drinking water tanks, some of which have not been cleaned … ever, will begin within the next ten days in Apokoronas.

Meanwhile, yesterday began the construction of water storage tanks which will strengthen the drinking water networks, with a total budget of 1,460,000 euros in the areas of Kokkino Horio, Tsivaras, Emprosneros and Fournes. In particular,

The Mayor of Apokoronos Mr. Koukianakis, while speaking to “Haniotika Nea”, emphasized that “within the next ten days the process of cleaning the 87 drinking water reservoirs in Apokoronas will begin ” the work has been assigned to the contractor . We are talking about tanks which in many cases have never been cleaned, some are covered by dense vegetation and not accessible etc. These problems will be rectified. We will also insure that the tanks are not accessible by the public,” said Mr. Koukianakis.

As regards the work of construction of storage tanks and the drinking water networks Mr. Koukianakis noted that it involves upgrading and extension of the water supply network with a total length 11 585 m. And their connection to the existing network as well as construction of new reservoirs. specifically:
• In the area of Kokkino Horio in Apokoronas will be the installation of a new pump station, on a metal tank holding 110 cubic meters of water, and a conduit 1,070 m.,
• In the area Tsivara will be provided replacement pump station with a new total length of pipeline of 1,100 m.
• In Emprosneros , a placement of a duct of 1.165 m.
• In the region of the Fournes, in the Masa area will be built a metal tank with a volume of 1,050 cubic meters, height 4.5 m. and a duct with a total length of 6,800 m.

“Generally this project is to help the water supply of some areas . During the summer period we have quite a big problem in the water supply,” said Mr. Koukianakis. A second phase in the region of Georgioupolis will be to construct a pipeline of 1,100 m, covering the area from the Almyros to Georgioupolis.

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