Greek government rejects alleged German proposals

maximouGreek government sources estimated on Wednesday that the tough positions which were allegedly expressed by the German finance ministry in a leaked document which was made public by Reuters “prove that the German government has officially entered the negotiations.”

The German government has chosen to keep “the tough stance at the start of the negotiation” and that all proposals included in the documented are rejected by Athens.

“It’s obvious these proposals will not be accepted by the new Greek government as they impinge on the recent mandate of the Greek people and don’t help Europe’s growth prospects,” the sources said.

According to the document seen by Reuters, the German government wants Greece’s new government to go back on anti-austerity promises made in its first days in office and revert to economic policies its predecessors’ agreed with international lenders.

This means Germany wants the Greek government to continue with pension cuts, maintain the troika and implement all the tough measures agreed with the government of Samaras, the same government sources said, adding that Athens will continue the negotiations with all EU leaders in a spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding.