Six reforms by Varoufakis at Eurogroup

varouf_newGovernment sources cited the six reforms to be submitted to the Eurogroup by the Yanis varoufakis next Monday, initiatives, measures and actions more-or-less publicised repeatedly over the past week.

Previously, Varoufakis had announced the measures in one of his multiple television interviews.

According to the same sources, four of them concern the (lack of) tax revenue issue, while the remaining two regard what the leftist government calls the “humanitarian crisis” in the country and administrative reform of the often creeky state sector.

More specifically, the six reforms to be submitted have as follows:

1. / 2. Humanitarian Crisis – Administrative Reform

3. A draft bill restructuring payment of debts owed to the State and social security funds
4. Tax Administration reform

5. Activation of a fiscal council

6. Creating a new flexible body targeting tax audits, consisting of strictly temporary auditors

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