PM Tsipras: Summit agreement to restore confidence

The Prime Minister underlined that the so-called fifth review does not exist anymore and that the Greek authorities will have the responsibility to draw up and implement the list of reforms.

He also said that in the summit meeting it was reaffirmed, on the highest possible level, that Greece is faced with a humanitarian crisis that will have to be addressed jointly.

But he criticized people trying to undermine the February 20 agreement: “we can’t accept people trying to terrorize the Greek people.”

And he mentioned – unflattering – the comments by Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem that capital controls like those used in Cyprus could be used in Greece.

He admitted they were in uncharted waters. “with our own lack of experience.” But “we have been negotiating effectively. We are open to receiving advice and so on, but we have our own opinions.”

Tsipras underlined that there is no problem of short-term liquidity for the Greek economy, adding that “our obligations to the citizens and the European institutions will be met, while bank deposits are secure.”

He called on the Greek citizens to be calm and noted that “we will not be overcome by the atmosphere of insecurity,” warning that those who want to play with the stability of the Greek economy and the banking system try in vain.

On tax evasion, Tsipras said there was a total of €2billion worth of which he believed €800milion was accessible. “Next week we will welcome a minister from Switzerland to have a discussion about the Greek depositors and to get an agreement with the Swiss”, he explained.

He brushed off suggestions finance minister Varoufakis was a source of problems with its partners, and also said it was not a clash between Greece and Germany, but an EU situation. “I cannot say to Chancellor Merkel you should change your ministers, it is a sovereign issue.”

Finally, he drew a line between his government’s approach to negotiating and the one carried out by his predecessor, claiming there would be no more discussion on further austerity measures like the ones agreed upon by the previous Fin Min Gikas Hardouvelis in his much debated e-mail to the Troika just before elections were set. The recession measures are over, Tsipras repeated.


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