Protest rally in Chania against fascism. New message from the doctor who was beaten in Splantzia

Anti-fascist protest rally in Chania in the afternoon, held by entities and collectives.

Citizens were gathered in front of the Municipal Market and they marched in the streets of Chania, asking for the justicial “punishment” of the three arrested men, who attacked and beat Dr. Dimitris Makreas in Splantzia, on Wednesday night.

New written message by Dr. Dimitris Makreas

“By this message, I would like to address to all of you, who participate right now in the protest rally.

In two days, me, Dora, Vaggelis and Margarita, and also many of you, have become “recipients” of the most extreme hate (on one side), but also of the strongest and original love (on the other side).

We were not alone, we had not felt alone and helpless not even a single moment.

I wish that no human being will face such fascist brutality. Let this “attack” to me be the chance to realize that fascism is here to stay.

Our “battle” will be long and hard.

Let’s all be together in this.

A big thank you to each one of you.”

Dr. Dimitris Makreas - 28/3/2015

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