June 17, 2021



The Bazaar (Street Market or Fair) of Holy Friday in Voukolies is worth a visit

It has been a reference point for all the Chania Region and is yearly held on Holy Friday in the main square of Voukolies town.

The Holy Friday Bazaar, a century- old tradition with roots dating back to the very distant past, is revived every year on Holy Friday in Voukolies town of the Platanias Municipality.

In its current form, the Bazaar is actually a huge Fair and street market which attracts hundreds of vendors as well as visitors from all over Crete.

This traditional fair has a long history of its own.

Tradition has it that the main square of Voukolies town bustles with life . The locals as well as thousands of visitors coming from various areas keep the tradition alive. A great variety of things can be found and bought at this fair, ranging from flowers, clothing, toys and household- handy objects to fruit and vegetables – this is one of the most famous fairs of the whole Chania Region.

The cattle fair has also been attracting many visitors for years. Many of them may buy the lamb destined to be slaughtered and cooked on the spit for the Easter celebrations.

On the previous day, Holy Thursday, open-air taverns are set up, where you can enjoy a meal of fried fish and potatoes, or even meat if you wish, in a very simple but friendly environment. On the day of the Fair, on Holy Friday (a day of strict fasting and abstaining from meat) big quantities of snails are consumed (along with other foods suitable for fasting) and more than a thousand animals are sold.

These days the Voukolies Fair is still held and the tradition carries on. It is the official Fair of the Chania Region and is unique in retaining the popular life style of the old days bringing to us images of a recent –or distant-past, in their more modern version, of course.