June 19, 2021



30 year old man… responsible for 16 burglaries!

As officially announced by the Police in Heraklion, a 30 year old man was arrested on Thursday, as reponsible for 16 burglaries and 3 attempts of burglary, in several houses of Heraklion.

On Thursday morning, he treid to get into the house of a 59 year old man, but the owner of the house saw him, called the Police and the burglar was arrested.

During the preliminary investigation, it was found out that the Albanian is responsible for 16 burglaries and 2 attempts of burglary in houses of Heraklion, from January 2015 to June 2015.

He had managed to take money, jewels, electrical devices and equipment, personal computers, cameras and personal documents, with a total cost of more than 40.000 euros.

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