VIDEO: The Path of Mount Ida

The Path of Mount Ida is a 3,2 km hiking route in Crete.

It starts from village Livadia (Lakos Μigerou) and leads to the top Timios Stavros (Holy Cross).

Mount Ida (Greek : Ψηλορείτης “high mountain”), is at a height of 2,456 m (8,057 feet), one of the highest mountains on Crete.

Located in the Rethymno regional unit, according to legend, Zeus was born there.

Each year hundreds of locals and visitors walk the Path (every year on the first Sunday after Aug.15) starting at 5 am.

A unique mountain experience that brings enjoyment and creates an understanding of local culture.

*This documentary was produced by
Camera : Nontas Kouklakis
Narrated and edited by : Vicky Arvelaki

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