May 9, 2021



Professor Lazos denies that his study proves Greek women sell sex for food

Proto Thema – Professor Gregory Lazos denied categorically that his study, on which the journalist of The Times based her article, proves that young Greek women sell sex for a sandwich.

“I never said that” Mr. Lazos stated to Vima news media saying that Anthee Carassava, the journalist who wrote the article, might have misunderstood the content of his study.

“I do not deny that this could have happened, but I think that we are talking about an insignificant percentage. Either way, I have never recorded that” Mr. Lazos said confuting the article published by The Times which probably wanted to humiliate Greece.

Anthee Carassava is perhaps the most controversial foreign correspondent in Greece, who was also expelled from the Foreign Correspondents Association in 2009 because it was revealed that she was getting paid by public services.

She was a correspondent for New York Times and CNN writing articles which were described as anti-Greek. During the excavation works in Amphipolis, she said that Amphipolis was a city close to Macedonia, meaning FYROM, and caused a turmoil in Greece.

Mrs. Carassava chose to use specific extracts of the study conducted by professor Lazos, as she usually does, in order to write another anti-Greek article. She even added her own statistics to support her argument.

Although the statistics reported by the professor show that the percentage of Greek prostitutes operating in Greece is within the expected range, Mrs. Carassava creates her own percentage mentioning that Greek women dominate 80% of the prostitution trade in Greece. She even stated that the sex rate has fallen to two euros for a 30-minute session.

Once more journalist Anthee Carassava used her job position as foreign correspondent to harm Greece writing an article which insults and humiliates the country.

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