June 17, 2021



More than 300 Russian tourist agents arrived on Crete

320 tourist agents from Russia arrived on Crete on Sunday afternoon, with a direct flight from Moscow to Heraklion, with a charter iFly A330.

They stay in a luxurious hotel at Hersonissos (owned by Aggelopoulos family), which opened especially for this occasion.

The “invitation” to the Russian tourist agents is a “Thank You”, from TEZ Tours Greece, for their efforts to “promote” Greece in Russian tourist market.

Guests will have the chance to visit many places on Crete, during their 5-day stay on the island.

Also, the well known Greek singer Mihalis Hatzigiannis will perform “live” -in private- for them, in the hotel.

It has to be mentioned that 2016 is “The Year of Greece” for Russia and “The Year of Russia” for Greece.

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