June 17, 2021



UK loves Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt exports to the United Kingdom amounted 28.76 million pounds in the January-November period in 2015, up 24.35 pct from the previous year, ranking Greece second after France in yoghurt supplies to the UK.

In total, Greek white yoghurt exports to the UK accounted for 90% in the period 2011-2014, but other categories of yoghurt products steadily raised their market share from 5.37% in 2011 to 13.01% in 2014 and 16.25% in the January-November period in 2015, with the value of exports soaring from 721,000 pounds in 2011 to 4.0 million pounds in the 11-month period last year.

According to official data released by the Economic and Commercial Affairs office of the Greek embassy in London, the value of all type of yoghurt in the UK fell as a public campaign against the consumption of sugar reduced yoghurt consumption by 1.0% in volume and by 0.9% in value in 2015, in a market value at around 2.0 billion euros in the UK.

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