Greek Travel Agents Federation Expresses Concern Over Civil Aviation Workers Strike Next Week

The Federation of Hellenic Associations of Tourist & Travel Agencies (fedHATTA) has expressed concerns about the five-day strike announced for next week by the union representing the staff of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

The strike called by the Federation οf Associations οf Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (OSYPA) is expected to affect both domestic and international flights and will run from 00.01 (local time) on Monday, June 20, until 23.59 (local) on Friday, June 24.

“The mobilization will cause huge problems in the country’s airports as there will be long delays and maybe even flight cancellations”, fedHATTA said in an open letter on Wednesday.

fedHATTA underlined that the action will hinder the arrivals and departures of travelers to and from Greece, create a negative image for the country and put the country’s economy and involved professional sectors at risk.

The OSYPA federation, which does not include air-traffic controllers, are striking in protest of the long-term lease of 14 regional airports and the reorganization of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.

The strike called by the civil aviation workers follows a series of 48-hour rolling strikes launched by port employees since late May.

fedHATTA said that such actions will have “irreversible consequences” for this year’s tourism season and called on all parties to resolve their differences through dialogue.

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