“Daskalogiannis” and “Kazantzakis” in Top-10 of Worst Airports for Overall Experience 2016

Sleeping Airports – In our annual survey, we asked travellers to rate airports worldwide based on their overall airport experience. They ranked their experiences based on:

  • Comfort (Rest Zones & Gate Seating)
  • Services, Facilities & Things to do
  • Food Options
  • Immigration/Security
  • Customer Service
  • Cleanliness

Oh, the worst airports in the world… These terminals have the continued capacity to make travellers wonder why they didn’t just stay home. Whether its bathrooms that lack water and toilet paper, or staff who harass and frustrate you, these are not the places you want to find yourself for hours on end. Voters wrote in with endless comments that make cases for why these ten terminals are the absolute worst of the worst. All we can hope is that if you do find yourself here, you come prepared with hand sanitizer, patience, strong bladders and personal entertainment. It could be what saves your sanity!

6. Chania International Airport

Greece’s presence on our global worst airports list continues with worn-out Chania International Airport. Long lines and chaotic security processes aggravate travellers immediately upon arrival. Once airside, life hardly improves. With one basic food vendor selling mediocre sandwiches at five times the normal price, you’re unlikely to feel inspired to buy a meal. Chairs too are limited, meaning that you’ll probably be stuck leaning against a wall, or sitting on a less-than-desireable floor. The lack of air conditioning only makes things worse for those who spend ample time here, given that local temperatures are often well over 30 degrees Celsius.

7. Heraklion International Airport

Heraklion International Airport on the Greek island of Crete secures the title of seventh worst airport in the world thanks to long lines, crowded gates and no air-conditioning. Sweaty and cramped voters are further distraught by the the exorbitant food prices at one of two restaurants and by the sorry state of the bathrooms. Sadly, the staff do little to ease these grievances. Travellers vent about poor customer service just as much as they complain about the uncomfortable chairs. All in all, a sad way to end a visit to an otherwise delightful island.

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