Ryanair publishes full list of cancellations. No Chania flights affected

Ryanair has published full details of which of its flights are being cancelled between now and 28 October.

Customers whose flights have been cut will also receive an email, chief executive Michael O’Leary has said.

The budget airline is cancelling 40-50 flights every day for the next six weeks, after it admitted it had “messed up” its autumn schedules .

Mr O’Leary said most people would be transferred to an alternative Ryanair flight on the same day.

If not, they would be moved to flights the day before or the day after, and the airline would meet its obligations over compensation.

Details of all the cancelled flights are available on the Ryanair website.

More than 200 of the cancelled flights are either into or out of London Stansted, with a handful in Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham also affected.

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