April 12, 2021



Bill on pets and strays to make neutering obligatory

A draft bill obliging owners to neuter their pets will be posted for public consultation over the next two months, Agriculture Minister Vangelis Apostolou said on Thursday.

“Our aim is to establish a single and up-to-date legislation. Our archive includes proposals by bodies and we also have an important experience from the dialog that preceded. Our goal is for animal organizations to cooperate with local administration,” the minister said.

Once the bill is passed, all pet owners have six months to neuter their animals. If they don’t, they will have to pay an annual fee (fine) of 100 euros. However, owners will be able to avoid neutering their pets if they have a male/female pair by paying a special levy. This will be allowed for breeding dogs and cats.

The bill also stipulates that during trips and walks owners will have to carry the animal’s passport, which will replace its health certificate. At the same time, the pet must also be microchipped (cost totaling 6 euros) and registered in the ministry’s database.

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